More Compliance Services

More Compliance Services

Implementation of a HACCP-based Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, Springboard Caribbean will provide you with face to face, telephone or email support to ensure your FSMS is designed, implemented and operating correctly on an ongoing basis. This support includes:

  • End-to-end support in the development of your HACCP-based FSMS
  • Site visits
  • External audit of your HACCP-based FSMS
  • Support in completing all required documentation and implementation of monitoring systems
  • Assistance in responding to food safety questions following audits by external agencies (Environmental Health, tour operators, retail clients, etc)

Food handler training for all operational staff

This food hygiene, sanitation standards and HACCP awareness course been developed to give all of your operational staff a foundation level of knowledge, based on internationally accepted standards. It includes sanitation, personal and professional hygiene, and safe handling of potentially hazardous food items within food manufacturing and F&B kitchen service.

This certificated course is completed during a single day and provides the evidence needed, as part of your HACCP plan, that all operational staff have been adequately trained in food safety.

Food safety and HACCP audit

This food safety and HACCP audit provides an independent review of your food handling facilities and identifies compliance with regulatory requirements and required food safety standards. The audit will identify the gaps in your current Food Safety Management System, or HACCP plan, and provide recommendations to effectively address them. The audit will review the complete flow of food throughout the organization or included within the HACCP plan.

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